Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

Distance Education is a contemporary education system in which students are not obliged to come to campus, the interactive courses are lectured remotely but face-to face in a live, visual and audible virtual environment. The Distance Education Centre, where time and space are not limited, offers a great opportunity for those who value personal development and want to advance their career in this direction.

Our aim as Business Administration (Distance Education) is to provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required in the field of Business Administration and Organization which are most needed in today's conditions. The other main aim of ours is to train researchers, planners and managers who can make and apply effective and scientific decisions at every level.

In the first year of the four-year undergraduate programme, our students are introduced to basic business concepts, the sub-structure of the courses they will take in the following years is set up, and they are equipped with information technologies skills to enable free communication on the international scene.

In the second year, the place of business management in the modern world is grasped, functionalities and quantitative decision making techniques are developed.

In the third year, the focus is on areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, management, human resources, production management, and the integrity of business management is grasped and efforts are made to enable our students to function in management, research, analysis and decision making.

In the fourth year, with national and global business strategies, we aim at specializing in one of the main branches of functional / undergraduate marketing, accounting-finance, manufacturing, management and human resources and international / global business management that our students will be specialized in.

Students graduating from the Business Administration (Distance Education) programme are awarded with Diploma of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Administration.

Assoc. Prof. Dilaysu ÇINAR

Head of Department