Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

Department of International Logistics and Transportation is an interdisciplinary science providing the coordination of the flow of equipment and information within the economy and industry. While the administration of transportation engages in the management and coordination of types of national and international transportation, international logistics administration focuses on the management of logistics activities on a global level.

Our mission is to deepen the knowledge about the field, develop the ideas and educate students to have the skill of thinking creatively. We are planning to do this in cooperation with the prominent organizations and associations of the business through undergraduate/graduate education, researches and etc. Our vision is to have an international fame and become the leading Department of Logistics Management in Turkey. Other main vision of ours is to educate students to have the skills and knowledge and to be successful in this technologically-advanced and global business. Furthermore, we aim at carrying out fundamental researches that support and supplement the mission of the Department of International Logistics and Transportation, creating opportunities for students all through their education and integrating technology with all services, programmes and researches effectively.

Our students have a chance to study at various universities in various countries with Erasmus Exchange Programme to improve themselves, widen their perspective and learn different cultures. This enables them to share their knowledge and experience and interact with students from other countries.

Our graduates can work in a wide spectrum of business fields such as logistics companies, manufacturing enterprises, public and private corporations and academic institutions.

The medium of instruction of the Department is %30 English %70 Turkish. English preparatory school is compulsory.

Asst. Prof. Hakan EMANET
Head of Department