Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

The aim of the Department of Business Administration is giving deep knowledge and perspective required for contemporary management to our students as a universal science. We provide a point of view for students to have a career, a master’s degree and specialization in a subfield after graduation while we are giving a systematized education about management, marketing, accounting, finance functions and etc. in business.

Our students have the opportunity to work in administration positions and at department level in all kinds of private firm and organizations after graduation. Also they have the opportunity to be financial and customs consultant, and bureaucrat and officer by passing the required exams and procedures of related public organizations which demand graduates of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

The students can study at agreement universities abroad within the scope of Erasmus Exchange Programme for a period of time. Thus they have possibility to know different cultures, develop their perspectives and understand the universal life. And also they can interact with people from different cultures and share their knowledge universally.

The Student Clubs give our students an opportunity to develop the theoretical knowledge and to put into practice by which different activities.

Since the language of the program is English, English preparatory school is compulsory.

Asst. Prof. Osman ALTAY
Head of Department