Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

Economics is focused on the efficient use of scarce resources and the principle of efficiency. Within this framework, the science of economics focuses on efficiency analyses, profit and loss analyses, and decision making rules in the private and government institutions. In addition to this, research areas of economics are extending from households to firms, from the decisions of consumers to financial markets. In accordance with this purpose, Beykent University - Department of Economics (English) aims at providing the necessary theoretical and empirical tools to our students that would be required by achieving various positions in business life. 
We believe that university life is the most important part of career planning. Thus, economics is a self-renewing science within its embedded qualitative and quantitative developments. In addition to this, the need for labour force with this knowledge in business areas is increasing day by day. In this framework, it is important to teach the techniques to evaluate the current economic events and to introduce the analytical methods to our students is one of our leading purposes.

One of the most important points that cannot be avoided in the Economics education is to provide the methodology of Economics and the concept of notion of economic thought in addition to the necessary tools of micro and macroeconomics. Furthermore, we want to educate students who can establish relations between theory and practice. In other words, we aim that besides providing our students with contemporary qualifications required when being employed in various private sector and public institutions and in addition to equipping them with the knowledge and skills that enable them to closely follow developments in world and the Turkish economy, we aim at providing the self-learning skills with which they could adopt themselves for the future developments such as the new applied software packages.  

Students who graduate from our department can find jobs in the public institutions and in various positions in the private sector. Moreover, our grad students find jobs in various management positions in addition to research and expert positions. Therefore, one of our aims is to provide a curriculum that offers the necessary foundations, competencies, and abilities in terms of the field of Economics which benefit from various fields such as sociology and psychology. In addition to this, our grad students are the individuals who improve themselves with the new information they meet in business life. 

Our students are encouraged to undertake internships in private sector and public institutions in accordance with their wishes and the internship is up to the will of the students.  

Our students have the opportunity to study abroad with the Erasmus Exchange Programme. It is clear that the acceptance possibility and quotas allocated for our students are high for Erasmus Exchange Programme if the past periods are examined. In addition to Erasmus Exchange Programme, a new framework, the Exchange Programme for Internship, is also supported by our department for students to achieve international work experience. With the relevant programmes, our students are able to strengthen their knowledge and skills and to combine them with the international experience.

Our students see extracurricular activities as part of university education. In this regard, our students are encouraged to work in extracurricular activities and in our Student Clubs. Furthermore, our students are encouraged to practice their knowledge of economics by working in the Economics Club. Throughout the undergraduate education, students are also encouraged to take part in international conferences and their domestic counterparts.   

The medium of the instruction is English. English preparatory school is compulsory.

Prof. Özgür Ömer ERSİN

Head of the Department