Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

The importance of both production and consumption and the operations of buying-selling in daily life reveal how necessary the science of Economics is. First of all, the education of Economics provides students with the ability of foreseeing the future and analysing sophisticated facts through the scientific and contemporary theoretical backgrounds with a healthy problem-solving strategy that they have acquired during their education process. This ability enables students to find jobs after they complete the programme successfully.

It is certain that a student graduated from the Department of Economics at Beykent University will start their professional life as a highly-qualified candidate. Graduates from our department will be able to find employment in both private and public institutions, in the State Planning Organisation, and in various other institutions within the public sector such as; inspecting committees in various ministries, in the Finance Organisation and in the private sector. Our highly experienced academic staff are very well qualified to provide the students with the necessary background in order for them to be successful in their professional lives.

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Batuhan TUFANER
Head of Department