Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

We are experiencing a rapid process of change in social, political and economic areas in Turkey as in the world, which leads us to reconsider the importance of research and development for new political and administrative issues. In this context, the focus on public space is the common goal of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration examining the political and administrative issues with a scientific and interdisciplinary perspective. While Political Science as a discipline examines the distribution of resources and values ​​in the political system, Public Administration investigates decision-making and policy-making processes in administrative systems. As public policies are realized by political power, public administrators cannot ignore the political system. Likewise, as public policies are implemented by public authorities, politicians cannot ignore public administrators. Political Science is not politics per se and a science for the training of politicians, Public Administration also should not be considered as the direct executive power of the state. It is a discipline concerned with the organization of public institutions and public policy.

In this sense, the basic objectives of Political Science and Public Administration can be formulated as follows: to increase the students’ ability to understand and interpret the transformations taking place in the world; to foster their in-depth understanding of the political process, to improve their ability to assess political events with a critical perspective; to improve their decision-making and effective communication skills, to train researchers and innovative individuals in national and in international level performing appropriate scientific and ethical principles in their academic work and to present their work for the benefit of society.

Properly equipped in political, social and administrative sciences, the Department of Political Science and Public Administration graduates will have the opportunity to pursue career in different fields of public and private sector. Our graduates will be able to work in the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, and in various units of local government, banks, and media organizations as middle and senior managers. The European Union harmonization process gradually becoming more influential on civil society organizations will create new alternatives for our graduates in the professional world.

Turkish is the medium of instruction. One year English preparatory school is optional.

Prof. Ali Vahit TURHAN
Head of Department