Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

The growing speed of globalization has a deep impact upon the political decision-making processes. Within this context, the importance of international relations (IR) as a field of social science has increased dramatically. This particular situation largely explains the interest shown to the departments of international relations in recent years.

The primary objective of the four-year study of international relations is to educate broadminded students, to give them a high level of analytical and synthetical skills so as to enable them to contribute dearly to their future professional environments. This consists of equipping students with deep political knowledge characterized by a cross-border dimension while enabling them to follow the international economic and political developments. Nevertheless, this objective must not give the impression that the IR programme is restricted to the students who aim to pursue a diplomatic career. The perspective and the solution-oriented approach provided by the four-year curriculum bestows the students with significant benefits regardless of their career plans. The fact that IR graduates succeed in both private sector and the non-governmental organizations justifies this argument.

The English-medium education system of the Department provides an advantage for job applications and interviews. The existence of experienced and successful academics is also an asset. Besides, it seems pertinent to highlight the importance of exchange programmes (Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana) which open up the prospect of exposure to various cultures and diverse experiences. Supporting extracurricular and extramural activities is yet another strength of the department. In this line of reasoning, students are given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and invest in their personal and professional development by joining the International Relations Student Society at Beykent University, where they can get in contact with renowned academics, experts and decision makers.

Since the programme’s medium of instruction of is English, English preparatory school is compulsory.

Prof. Armağan GÖZKAMAN

Head of Department