Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

A Message from Head of Department

The subject of international trade is the exchange of goods, services, and capital between individuals or companies across international or regional borders. With the increasing industrialization, globalization, communication and transportation technologies during the last century, international trade has become more crucial.

In a world where competition is harsh both locally and globally, the aim of the Department of International Trade is to equip our students with the necessary international business and management skills and knowledge.

To this end, the curriculum is prepared taking the interdisciplinary nature of the field into account. During the first two years, the students are introduced to the basic business subjects and take introductory courses, which form the infrastructure of the course material in later years. Third and fourth year courses include main subjects on international trade and business. During the fourth year, students prepare research projects where they apply and improve their skills.

Especially after the freshmen year, our students take interdisciplinary courses that improve their abilities. The students are required to complete two internships to graduate, and our Career Office helps them find a suitable place. In addition, for the qualified students, Erasmus Exchange Programme provides an opportunity for the students to improve their skills and vision where they can study for a period of time at several universities abroad.

Our graduates can work at international trade companies, various departments at international companies, international trade departments of banks and financial companies, public institutions and international organizations related to international trade, or they can set up their own business.

The medium of instruction of the Department is Turkish, so English preparatory school is optional.

Asst. Prof. Hakan Bal

Head of Department